Compliance Through Control

StorXS provides the auditing, security and control needed for regulatory compliance.Enterprises can use StorXS to comply with their internal security requirements or regulatory standards like FINRA, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley and Dutch Act Report Data Leakage.

Auditing for Compliance

An important component of compliance is the ability to record the Who, What, When, and How attributes of every user action within the system. Admins can easily search and filter logs to identify incidents.


StorXS uses industry best practices, tools and strong encryption techniques to securely store and transmit data. Furthermore, its three tiered architecture can be deployed entirely on-premise.

Two-Factor Authentication

StorXS provides an additional layer of logon security using security codes sent via existing channels.

Enterprise Security Audits

StorXS's large enterprise customers have performed extensive security audits which have led to successful, secure deployments and advanced features like token-based authentication on mobile devices with expiring, revokable tokens, and certificate pinning.

Data-at-Rest Encryption and Secure SSL Transmission

Before transmission through a secure SSL connection, data is encrypted using AES-256 bit encrpytion. Encryption keys are private for each enterprise, even in a multi-tenant deployment.

Revoking Access Rights

StorXS allows admins to revoke the access rights of specific devices, clients and users.

Remote Wipe

StorXS allows admins to remotely wipe corporate information from a lost or stolen mobile device, maintain confidentiality.

Information Leakage and Security

Information leakage occurs when sensitive business data gets into the wrong hands. StorXS's on-premise or Cloud deployment addresses threats of third party services but the platform goes further to prevent information leakage by protecting business data across all devices.