Intuitive Interface

StorXS provides users with familiar access methods, like mapped drives, so users don't have to change the way they work.

Offline Access

Files and folders marked for offline access are saved in a local cache so they can be used when there is no data connection available. StorXS generally caches data for fast access, but offline files and folders will not be removed from the cache.

Desktop Drive Mapping

Access remote files from a local attached drive. Local applications have seamless access to files in cloud storage. For example, you can edit an Excel spreadsheet and then click "File", "Save As" to store it in your private cloud.

Collaboration Controls

Automatically expire a share after a certain time, provide permission based access, provide guest user accounts for write access, group policy based administration and more.


Automatically lock or checkout files while editing to maintain consistency. Simplify collaboration with Built-in Document Preview and Quick Editing via integration with web and published applications. Keep collaborators informed with file comments.


Users receive email notifications of changes to folders shared with them, including file uploads or edits. Users can review all changes to each folder or a file over a period of time.

Cross-Platform Support

StorXS provides mobile applications for Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android Phones, Android Tablets, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry. It also provides a Metro Windows 8 App so all Windows devices are supported.

Group Policies & Security

Mobile features and user experience can be controlled by administrative group policies. Lost devices can be disabled, denied access and remotely wiped of corporate data.

Mobile Application Integration

Open and edit cloud files using any mobile application. Save files and upload them back to your cloud storage. Share uploaded files.

Desktop & Mobile Backup

Secure backup and restore across all desktops and devices. Users can configure scheduled backups on each endpoint, or synchronize content to cloud storage.

Unlimited File Versioning

StorXS records file changes so users can revert to earlier versions. Group policies control the number of versions to keep, how long to keep them and more.

Recycle Bin Support

Users and admins can quickly and effectively recover deleted files and folders from the Recycle Bin. Files may be restored regardless of source.

Active Directory Integration

Your users will access StorXS with their existing AD credentials. Integrate with multiple domains or OUs, support multiple AD Forests, leverage AD groups and more...

Folder Migration

StorXS provides secure remote access to existing network folders and home directories. Users can also sync and share files from any device without a VPN. Folders can be moved to cloud storage or simply attached for instant, anywhere access and 2-way synchronization.

NTFS Permissions

StorXS migrates existing Microsoft NTFS permissions on network folders to control user access. There is no need to recreate access privileges.

Reporting & Control

StorXS's admin console provides a dashboard summary of critical information – licenses, storage used, shared objects, system alerts and more.

Delegated Administration

StorXS supports delegated administration which creates multiple administrators with different functions to help manage large user bases. Admins can manage users, user groups, view all files, managed shared folders and more. Custom roles can be defined and assigned.

APIs for Enterprise Integration

StorXS's powerful, easy to use API provides integration with existing Enterprise provisioning and management tools.

Your Logos

Customize the StorXS clients with the logos and domain names consistent with the look and feel that your employees, partners and customers are familiar with. Provide feedback to define UI changes for future releases.

Branded Communication

Customize various email templates with your log and content.


Companies all over the world are facing with increasing pressure to data local. StorXS provides full localization with support for the following languages: your users spread across the world with German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian languages.

Remote Wipe

StorXS allows admins to remotely wipe corporate information from a lost or stolen mobile device, maintain confidentiality.

Auditing for Compliance

An important component of compliance is the ability to record the Who, What, When, and How attributes of every user action within the system. Admins can easily search and filter logs to identify incidents.

Revoking Access Rights

StorXS allows admins to revoke the access rights of specific devices, clients and users.

Data-at-Rest Encryption & Secure SSL Transmission

Before transmission through a secure SSL connection, data is encrypted using AES-256 bit encrpytion. Encryption keys are private for each enterprise, even in a multi-tenant deployment.

Two-Factor Authentication

StorXS provides an additional layer of logon security using security codes sent via existing channels.

Enterprise Security Audits

StorXS's large enterprise customers have performed extensive audits which have let to successful, secure deployments and advanced features like token-based authentication on mobile devices with expiring, revokable tokens certificate pinning.

Architected for High Availability

StorXS provides high availability using a classic three-tier architecture with load balancing, stateless web server nodes and database servers. Industry standard, battle tested components provide robustness, reliability and a rich set of preexisting tools and techniques for advanced management.

Choose Any Storage Service

You can configure StorXS to use any of its supported storage services. Private cloud examples include: Openstack Swift and compatibles (eg. HP Helion Content Depot), EMC Atmos, and Local Storage (Microsoft DFS, SAN, NAS, HDDs). Public exampes include: Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and more.


Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can manage multiple tenants from a single deployment (cluster). Cluster admins define quotas (eg. users and storage) for each tenant and assigns admin rights to tenant administrators from a single admin interface. Tenants are completely isolated, and can be integrated with different AD domains, organizational units, storage services, etc...

Data Location

StorXS allows you to deploy its infrastructure and data in a location of your choosing. This is an important component for corporate compliance with regional privacy requirements being adopted by many countries as well as requirements specific to their industry.

Auditing & Reporting

StorXS captures the What, When, Who and How attributes of every user action to help comply with standards like HIPAA and FINRA.

Control Your Data

Public Cloud based File Sharing solutions cannot provide the complete IT department control and management of files that StorXS does.

File Server Gateway

Use an existing file server as a cloud storage gateway. Local users can access remote files through mapped shares that remain synchronized. Existing file shares can continue to be used while content is synchronized with cloud storage.

File Server Migration

Migrate existing file shares to StorXS cloud storage and use existing permissions and identities for access.

Cloud File Server

Use shares from an existing file server to create private cloud storage that can be accessed from any device in any location without using a VPN or public cloud.

Web App & Document Preview

Leverage web applications and allow users to view common file formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and .txt files, inside a web browser.

High Speed Access

StorXS caches files locally to provide high speed access to remote files. Other performance optimizations include compression, smart bandwidth controls, and more.

Native Applications Integration

StorXS's mapped drives allow users to edit remote files directly using native applications like MS Office Documents.

Document Recovery

Users can easily recover accidentally deleted files from StorXS's Recycle Bin.

EU Data Residency

Complies with European Union standards for data residency.

Home Directory Integration

Users automatically gain access to their home directory defined in Active Directory.

Outlook Plugin

The StorXS Outlook Plugin allows large attachments to be sent. Users can share files and folders directly from Outlook.

Large File Format

StorXS has no file size limitations so you can send those large videos, CAD files and email attachments to anyone.

Groups Policies & Permissions

Define system-wide policies and permissions based on user groups.

Smart Notifications

When a file is modified in a shared folder, StorXS will alert users with whom the folder is shared.

File Server Gateway

Use an existing file server as cloud storage and access from any device in any location. Migrate existing file shares to cloud storage and use existing permissions and identities for access. Create a hybrid cloud file server to act as a local gateway with shares sync'd to cloud storage.

Delegated Administration

StorXS supports delegated administration which creates multiple administrators with different functions to help manage large user bases. Admins can manage users, user groups, view all files, managed shared folders and more. Custom roles can be defined and assigned.


SSL, AES 256-bit Data-at-rest Encryption, token-based authentication, certificate pinning, strong password Policies, remote device wipe, group policies and more.

File Locking

Files can be locked automatically or by users to prevent other users from making concurrent edits. Prevents unexpected overwrites and data corruption during real time collaboration.